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Payments Reminder


Are you having difficulty to keep up with your payments schedule? Are you looking to have a single app to calculate debt elimination plan, view plan progress and manage payments. Try this all-in-one loan payments scheduler cum reminder app.With in-built bill feature, its easy to pay bills on time. It will notify you in advance regarding your upcoming payments. Here is more on its capabilities:
1. It figures out the best possible plan to pay off credit cards debt while minimizing overall interest. 2. Calculate plan based on "Lowest balance first" (default) or "Highest interest first" methods.3. It empowers you to see collective breakdown of monthly payments and lets you set them as paid.4. It shows detailed summary of your debt situation, as your plan progresses.5. It provides valuable information such as : - How much my overall debt is costing me? - How much an individual loan is costing me? - When I will be able to pay-off my entire balance, or an individual loan? - How much interest will I end-up paying.6. It acts as a powerful reminder utility and will send notification in advance (days can be controlled) for the upcoming payment(s).7. It gives you ability to specify additional payment each month (to overall plan), resulting in reduced interest payment overall.8. Present calculation in USD as well as in other commonly used currencies around the world.
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